Pamela Anderson is an icon of the 90’s, known for her stunning eyes, amazing smile, beach blonde hair and gorgeous body. She has been a sex symbol for decades and is still considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. Born on July 1st 1967 in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Pamela Anderson began her career as a fitness model before becoming an actress and eventually a household name. She starred in several hit TV shows such as Baywatch and V.I.P., which made her an international star. Her beauty has been admired by millions around the world and she continues to be an inspiration to many young women today. Her iconic status has made her one of the most recognizable faces in celebrity life and beyond. Pamela Anderson is not only a model, actress, and sex symbol but she is also an activist for many organizations. She has been open about the subject of breast cancer and has donated to various charities in order to promote the prevention of the disease. Pamela Anderson has also been involved with animal rights organizations such as PETA and Greenpeace with her work being recognized by both organizations. Her work with environmental activism and animal treatment shows that Pamela Anderson cares deeply about her fellow creatures who others may never think about.